February 24, 2016

MRH Fire Cider

I'm working on clearing out some excess papers right now and one of those things is catalogs. Before I put it in the burn pile I looked through the Mountain Rose Herbs catalog and found a couple of recipes. I'm listing them so I can use them in the future.

This traditional cold remedy has deep roots in fold medicine. Delicious by the spoonful or added to savory dishes!
½ cup organic ginger root, freshly grated
½ cup organic horseradish root, freshly grated
1 medium organic onion, chopped
10 cloves of organic garlic, crushed or chopped
2 organic jalapeno peppers, chopped
zest and juice from 1 organic lemon
2 tbsp of dried organic resemary leaves
1 tbsp organic turmeric powder
organic apple cider vinegar
raw local honey to taste

Place all roots, fruits, and herbs in a quart sized jar. Pour vinegar over the ingredients, filling to the very top of the jar. Use a plastic lid or a piece of natural parchment paper under the lid to keep vinegar from touching metal. Shake well! Store in a dark, cool place for 1 month. Shake daily. After 1 month, strain out the pulp, pouring the vinegar into a clean jar. Squeeze as much of the liquid as you can from the pulp. Add ¼ cup of honey and stir until incorporated. Taste your cider and add another ¼ cup until you reach desired sweetness.

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