November 20, 2008

Apple Pancakes

I ripped this off of S. :) Or rather her husband. We came home and had to try it. And since there was no written recipe, we made it up too. We used:
Mrs. Buttersworth pancake mix (taste a lot better than Bisquick!)
2 large apples (1 was honeycrisp, the other fuji)
1 tbsp butter

Peal, core, slice, and dice the apples. I made them small and thin, easier for the littles to eat. Put them in the skillet with butter chopped into small pieces and saute until soft. (The 2nd time I made these I omitted the butter and it browned the apples instead of making them sizzle.) As they were cooking I added the spices (no vanilla) into the skillet with apples. In the mixing bowl mix the pancake mix as usual. After it's mixed well, add the apples and more spices. I didn't measure it, I just sprinkled in what I thought would taste good. I made ours about 4" rounds. You need 4 cups of dry mix to make enough for 6 people to eat (2A 4c).

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