February 9, 2014

DIY Pasta Salad

This recipe is from Good Cheap Eats. Maybe not quite so much a recipe as an idea of a basic pasta and you throw in whatever you like. Sounds like the perfect easy lunch meal for us! She shares that short pastas, such as penne, work better than longer ones, like spaghetti. Store leftover pasta salad in the refrigerator. Choose from our favorites below or toss in your own.

penne, radiatore, or spiral pasta, cooked and drained
diced pepperoni
diced ham
chopped, cooked chicken
black eyed peas
chopped black or green olives
chopped tomatoes
grated or chopped carrots
sugar snap peas
sweet peas
sweet corn
broccoli or cauliflower florets
grated cheese
grated parmesan
chopped fresh herbs
fresh lettuce, spinach or other greens
Caesar dressing
boiled eggs

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