June 28, 2008

chicken pot pie

makes 2 pies:
1 large can of Campbells cream of chicken soup
1 small can of Campbells cream of mushroom soup
1 egg
2 cooked chicken breast (these are the ½ ones with rib meat)
4-6 cups cooked mixed frozen vegetables, cooked (taste better, don't get so mushy)
4 deep dish pie shells

Heat oven to 350°. Let pie shells thaw a bit. Precook the vegetables in a pot of water then drain.
Mix up everything but egg in a big bowl, you can use less veggies, but if it looks like it's too dry add another small can of soup (depends on the weather whether it seems dry or not). Put ½ of mix into 2 pie shells. Take other 2 pie shells and flip over on top of the filled pie shells. As they thaw more they will fall out of the tin pan. When they thaw enough pinch the 2 edges of the shells together so that it seals the pies.

Beat the egg in a cup, then brush all over the top of the 2 pie shells. Put them on a big metal cookie sheet (I use the one with sides on it) and put in the oven for 25 minutes. Pull them out, re-baste with egg, and put them back in but flip the pan) cause the oven always seems to bake faster in the back!) and leave for 20 minutes. Pull out and scoop away. This is not one you can really cut into slices. It's super yummy, not so waistline friendly with that cream soup, but seriously good!

If you want to double this, just double everything. I've frozen them recently to see how that was. I left it in the freezer for about 3 months. It was still good but not nearly as moist. I cooled it, then wrapped in saran wrap, then foil. Maybe wrapping it differently would help?


Mo's Mama said...

Maybe freezing uncooked would give you better results. If you had everything ready and only allowed your pie crust to thaw enough to be pliable,then wrapped and froze. OR, Use refrigerated pie crust that's not been frozen (or make your own), assemble and then freeze.
I freeze fruit pies for baking later with great results. Simply allow to thaw and then bake per your recipes instructions.

Mo's Mama said...

Make more "waistline friendly" by using the fat free creamed soups. The flavor is pretty good for cooking with although the consistency is not as creamy. Kids (and husbands) shouldn't notice a difference in flavor.